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Hair Glue & Remover duo

Hair Glue & Remover duo

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"Secure Hold Lace Glue

Achieve a flawless lace application with our gentle yet strong lace glue. Our formula:

· Provides a secure hold for long-lasting wear
· Is gentle on skin and hair
· Dries clear for an invisible bond
· Is easy to apply and remove

Get the confidence of a secure lace application with our reliable lace glue, perfect for lace wigs, toupees, and hair extensions."


"Gentle Lace Remover

Effortlessly remove lace adhesives with our gentle yet effective lace remover. Our formula:

· Quickly dissolves and breaks down lace adhesive
· Is gentle on skin and hair
· Prevents damage and residue
· Is easy to use and apply

Say goodbye to stubborn lace residue and hello to a clean, healthy scalp with our gentle and effective lace remover."


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